Property Insurance
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Answers provided to all the questions below are general in nature and do not supersede any of the provisions contained in the State Owned Building and Personal Property Agreement, or the Special Property All Risk Agreement.

How do I file a claim regarding UGA buildings and contents? arrow down
All claims should be filed within 48 hours of the initial damage. Please contact Vance Silcott at 706-425-3083.
Is my own personal property covered by the State Owned Building and Personal Property Agreement?arrow down
The State Owned Building and Personal Property Agreement covers buildings and personal property (i.e. contents) owned by the State of Georgia (BOR/University of Georgia).
Are University of Georgia owned buildings and personal property (contents) covered for damage due to flood and earthquake?arrow down
Why is Lightning Affidavit necessary to support a lightning claim? arrow down
Visible lightning is not sufficient to support a claim for lightning damage. A Lightning Affidavit completed by a certified electrician is required for reimbursement of a property loss attributed to lightning.
Why is it important to call a disaster service company after a water damage loss? arrow down
DOAS supports the timely water damage responses by agency personnel; however, DOAS is concerned with the extraction of moisture that often remains within the interior walls that may cause future damage if this extraction is not performed by professionals.
If computers and laptops that are not secured are stolen, are they covered? arrow down
Mysterious Disappearance is NOT COVERED. Loss due to mysterious disappearance or theft without visible evidence of forced entry or forced removal from a security device (e.g. cable lock) is not reimbursable under the State Owned Building and Personal Property Agreement. The loss must satisfy the "Burglary" definition in the Agreement in order to be covered.
What should I do if my property is recovered by the police after the burglary claim has been paid? arrow down
You should contact our office immediately. DOAS Risk Management will have an adjuster inspect the recovered property and if damaged, determine its value. If you wish to keep the recovered property, DOAS Risk Management will negotiate its value and the department will need to reimburse DOAS/RMS. If you are not interested in keeping the property, DOAS Risk Management will take possession of the property and attempt to collect as much as possible for it. Salvage value might also exist in property damaged by lightning, wind, water, etc. Often, the amount of the repair bill is reduced by the salvage value of the damaged property.
How do I insure property such as laptops, tractors, or any other equipment that may be taken off campus or used outside of a campus facility?arrow down
Equipment that is taken outside or off campus should be insured under the All Risk policy. Transient coverage also includes "off road type equipment" that is excluded from the vehicle policy (i.e., backhoe, golf cart, tractor, etc.). Please contact Vance Silcott for assistance at 706-425-3083. DOAS Risk Management does require the following information when Fine Art, Non-State Owned Property and/or Transient Property coverage is requested: Detailed schedule of each item, description, replacement cost value, date acquired, original cost new, and location of item (physical address).
An Art Exhibit is scheduled to be held at a preapproved location. The owner of the exhibit wants us to insure their artwork. Can insurance be provided?arrow down
In most situations Insurance and Claims Management can insure artwork on loan to the University of Georgia, provided our office is notified ahead of time and furnished with a detailed list of the artwork, values, exhibit location, type of security and the dates of the exhibit.
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Contact Vance Silcott at or 706-425-3083.