Comprehensive Loss Control
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In keeping with a recommendation of the Commission for a New Georgia’s Risk Management Task Force and a resulting state law, all state agencies will now be required to develop written loss prevention and control programs. The loss prevention and loss control measures are part of Georgia’s new Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP), initiated by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Risk Management Services. DOAS Risk Management is the agency charged with the administration of the State’s trust funds for Georgia’s self-insurance programs. DOAS Risk Management Services annually processes over 10,000 claims for injured state workers, damaged vehicles and property, and claims from individuals and groups seeking monetary damages from the state and its agencies. State funds in excess of $100 million dollars a year are paid for these claims.

The Risk Management Task Force recommended each state agency bear the burden for their claims experienced; including a potential financial impact (i.e., increased premiums, higher deductibles). The CLCP is compromised of eight components or programs which will be customized for each entity’s operational risk.


DriverCheck - Report My Driving Program

Under the guidelines of the Auto Liability and Physical Damage component, all state agencies are required to be in full compliance with the Report My Driving Program. DOAS Risk Management has contracted with DriverCheck to provide this program. All non-emergency state vehicles will display a decal that says, “Report My Driving”.

The Report My Driving Program is a phone based system managed by DriverCheck. The motorist observing the vehicle calls the toll free number listed on the decal and reports compliments, complaints or faulty equipment. The motorist's comments are entered onto an incident report and are then emailed to the person(s) or supervisor designated by the UGA department. Each UGA department must designate a person(s) or supervisor that will review the incident reports and counsel the employees about their driving habits. The supervisor or designated individual will review the incident report and assign the driver an online training course through the DriverCheck Program. The DriverCheck Program can also be used to reward safe driving behavior and retrain drivers with unsafe habits to help prevent accidents.

Each decal has already been assigned to a specific UGA vehicle and the VTM number of this vehicle is written on the back of the decal. You must place the decals on the pre-assigned vehicles only. Decals are not transferable to other vehicles. It is extremely important to apply decals as assigned.

For information on placement of the Report My Driving decals, please click here. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to place the decal in another location to ensure it is visible. Departments are responsible for addressing exceptions on a case by case basis.

If you would like to obtain information regarding all components of the CLCP, you may visit the following website: DOAS Comprehensive Loss Control Program. If it is asks for a user name and password, just click cancel to continue.